Notary for Advanced Directive or Living Will at Cottage Hospital or at Home

Notarizations for Advanced Directives.

Santa Barbara Mobile Notary provides notaries for living will and medical power of attorney in the form of an advanced health care directive. We can notarize the document at your home, office, a coffee shop or at Cottage Hospital.

In California, your advanced care directive documents your health care wishes and names a trusted person to make health care decision on your behalf when you cannot make them yourself.

After you create your advanced directive it must be signed in front of two witnesses or a notary public. The witnesses cannot have a conflict with you as a member of your family or as a healthcare provider so often scheduling a notary is a simple solution. If the person signing the advanced directive lives in a skilled nursing facility, there are often requirements that it be witnessed by a patient advocate or ombudsperson -- even if the document is notarized.

Do your research on estate planning.

We are not attorneys and strongly urge you to see one if you have any specific questions about this kind of document, who can or needs to witness the signing, etc. We cannot provide the forms although they are easily available online for you to download and fill out yourself -- and cannot answer questions about the advanced directive other than how the notarization and our role relates to it.

What Happens at a Notary Signing

Once you have created the document, we show up at your home, office, coffee shop or event Cottage Hospital at the appointed time and date, dressed professionally and ready to notarize the document. The person signing would need to have a current driver’s license, passport or other government issued photo ID. We ascertain whether the signer is of sound mind, witness the signing and notarize the document with our seal. The signer also signs and is fingerprinted in our Record of Notarial Acts. You keep the original and are free to make copies of it for relevant parties if needed. If the forms and signer are ready, the process rarely takes longer than 20 - 30 minutes.

How to Schedule a Notary for an Advanced Directive at Home or at Cottage Hospital

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